The BBC Princess Ida (1966)

King HildebrandDonald Francis (music)
Jack May (dialogue)
HilarionJohn Wakefield (music)
Barrie Ingham (dialogue)
CyrilJohn Fryatt (music)
John Baddeley (dialogue)
FlorianDenis Quilley
King GamaGeorge Baker (music)
Timothy West (dialogue)
AracForbes Robinson
GuronLeslie Fyson
ScynthiusJohn Noble
Princess IdaJeanette Sinclair (music)
Prunella Scales (dialogue)
Lady BlancheMonica Sinclair (music)
Mary Wimbush (dialogue)
Lady PsychePatricia Kern (music)
Dorit Welles (dialogue)
MelissaPatricia Routledge
SacharissaPamela Binns
ChloeKaren Ford

The John McCarthy Singers
The BBC Concert Orchestra
Conductor: Stanford Robinson
Producer: Michael Moores

Originally Broadcast on 17 April 1966

This recording is part of a series broadcast by the BBC in 1966. It has never been released commercially but is included here for its historical importance, and because many fans own pirated tapes. Notable cast members include George Baker, an octogenarian, in his fifth decade of G&S recordings; and Prunella Scales, who would later star with John Cleese in Fawlty Towers.

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