The BBC-TV Gondoliers (1972)

Duke of Plaza-ToroDenis Dowling
LuizJoseph Ward
Don AlhambraMichael Langdon
MarcoJohn Brecknock
GiuseppeThomas Allen
AntonioAlan Charles
Francesco[information missing]
Giorgio[information missing]
Annibale[information missing]
Duchess of Plaza-ToroHeather Begg
CasildaBeverly Bergen
GianettaLaureen Livingstone
TessaDelia Wallis
FiamettaSara de Javelin
VittoriaCynthia Buchan
Giulia[information missing]
InezEdith Coates

Ambrosian Opera Chorus
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor: David Lloyd-Jones
Director: Bill Hays

Originally broadcast on BBC2
4 February 1972

This studio production was broadcast on the BBC in 1972 and was also probably shown on U.S. television at some point. I am not aware of any home video release. I have not seen a copy of it, but have heard that it is excellent. Several of the performers went on to major grand opera careers (particularly Tom Allen). The conductor here, David Lloyd-Jones, edited Ernest Eulenberg's critical edition of The Gondoliers, so one would expect him to lead a performance of absolute authority.

Fred Judkins wrote to me:

Yes, this Gondoliers is excellent, with a memorable first scene, complete with very beautiful dances. All of the performers are great, with a very funny Duchess, who had a "terrible taste for tippling."