The 1950 D'Oyly Carte Gondoliers

Duke of Plaza-ToroMartyn Green
LuizHenry Goodier
Don AlhambraRichard Watson
MarcoLeonard Osborn
GiuseppeAlan Styler
AntonioGeoffrey Sanders
FrancescoThomas Hancock
GiorgioL. Radley Flynn
AnnibaleStanley Youngman
Duchess of Plaza-ToroElla Halman
CasildaMargaret Mitchell
GianettaMuriel Harding
TessaYvonne Dean
FiamettaEnid Walsh
VittoriaYvonne Dean
GiuliaJoyce Wright
InezCaryl Fane

D'Oyly Carte Opera Chorus
New Promenade Orchestra
Conductor: Isidore Godfrey

Recorded in London
11 March 1950

Decca LK-4015
Decca LK-4015
Decca LK-4016
Decca LK-4015/6 (Two Slightly Different Covers)
Decca (New Zealand) LKM-4015/6
Decca (New Zealand) LKM-4015/6
London A-4204
London A-4204
Decca LKA 4073
Decca LKA 4073
Richmond RS-62010
Richmond RS-62010

This recording, the second issued in 1950, presents at least two casting curiosities. The first is Yvonne Dean's double assignment of Tessa and Vittoria. In stage productions of the time, Dean would have played Vittoria and Joan Gillingham Tessa. One can only suppose that Gillingham took ill and Dean was asked to deputise at the last moment. (Dean would eventually become the Company's principal soubrette, but not until several years later.)

The other curiosity, and it has been much discussed over the years, is the crediting of Stanley Youngman in the role of Annibale. Since Annibale is only a speaking part and the recording includes no dialogue, Youngman's inclusion in the credits would seem to be an error. Some critics have speculated that the dialogue was recorded and not issued, but this seems doubtful. As Youngman was D'Oyly Carte's Annibale of record at the time and was undoubtedly present at the sessions, it seems more likely that someone just copied a cast list and didn't bother to delete his name.

This is arguably one of the stronger recordings of the Green era, but given the competition of the legendary 1927 recording and the 1961 recording with complete dialogue, this set seems destined to rank a distant third. It was originally issued simultaneously on LP and 78's and was re-issued on the budget Richmond label. It has also appeared on cassette (Price-Less C26876), with all ninety-three minutes fitting on a single tape and is now available on CD.

During the 1950's, Decca issued highlights of this recording (side 1), coupled with highlights of the 1951 Iolanthe (side 2). The items included were as follows:

  1. We're called Gondolieri
  2. And now to choose our brides
  3. In enterprise of martial kind
  4. I stole the Prince
  5. When a merry maiden marries
  6. Then one of us will be a queen
  7. For everyone who feels inclined
  8. Rising early in the morning
  9. Here we are at the risk of our lives
  10. There lived a King
  11. Small titles and orders.
Pearl GEMS 0135
Pearl GEMS 0135

Decca Ace of Clubs 1152
Decca Ace of Clubs 1152
Sounds on CD VGS 224
Sounds on CD VGS 224. (Cover art by Matt Bland.)
Issue History
1950 Decca 78rpm AK 2403/14 Automatic side couplings
Mono LP LK 4015/6  
LKA 4015/6 Australian issue
LKM 4015/6 New Zealand issue
London Mono LP LLP 198/99  
45rpm 40154/65 in
Album LGF 29
Automatic side couplings. Published in two volumes of six discs each.
ca. 1953 London Mono LP LL 198/9  
1954 Decca Mono LP LK 4073 Gondoliers and Iolanthe highlights. Note that LKA 4073 was an Australian issue.
LKA 4073
London Mono LP LL 784
ca. 1956-7 London Mono LP A-4204  
1957-8 London 45rpm REP.8017 Highlights
Late 1950s London Mono LP 5089 Gondoliers and Iolanthe highlights
1963 Decca Ace of Clubs Mono LP ACL 1151/2  
ACLA 1151/2 Australian issue
1960s Richmond Mono LP RS 62010  
R 23057 Gondoliers and Iolanthe highlights
1979 Decca Stereo LP
DPA 3075/76  
ca. 1980 Decca Viva Stereo LP
AUS 1026/7 Australia/New Zealand issue
Cassette KAUS 1026/7
1980s Price-Less Cassette C 26876  
2001 Sounds on CD CD VGS 224
2001 Pearl CD GEMS 0135 With 1950 Ruddigore
2002 Naxos CD 8.110209-10  
2004 AVID CD AMBX138 10-CD set containing the entire nine-opera series recorded 1949–51, plus Pineapple Poll, the Overture ’Di Ballo’, and orchestral highlights (S. Robinson) from Pinafore and Yeomen
Recording Details
1AR14699 Overture
2AR14700 List and learn
3AR14701 Good morrow, pretty maids
4AR14702 See, see, at last they come to make their choice
5AR14703 We're called gondolieri
6AR14704 Are you peeping?
7AR14705 From the sunny Spanish shore
8AR14706 O rapture!
9AR14707 I stole the Prince
10AR14708 But, bless my heart, consider my position
11AR14709 Bridegroom and bride!
12AR14710 Kind sir, you cannot have the heart
13AR14711 Do not give way to this uncalled for grief
14AR14712 Now, pray, what is the cause of this remarkable hilarity
15AR14713 Come, let's away
16AR14714 Then away we/they go
17AR14715 Of happiness the very pith
18AR14716 Take a pair of sparkling eyes
19AR14717 Here we are, at the risk of our lives
20AR14718 There lived a King
21AR14719 With ducal pomp and ducal pride
22AR14720 To help unhappy commoners
23AR14721 I am a courtier
24AR14722 Now let the loyal lieges gather round
  1. For a discussion of the matrix numbers in these sets, see the matrix numbers discussion page.