The 1989 BBC Grand Duke

RudolphDerek Hammond-Stroud
Ernest DummkopfNeil Jenkins
LudwigEric Shilling
Dr. TannhäuserLeslie Fyson
Prince of Monte CarloRichard Jackson
Viscount MentoneLeslie Fyson
Ben HashbazMichael Pern
HeraldWilliam Allenby
Princess of Monte CarloDinah Harris
Baroness von KrakenfeldtGillian Knight
Julia JellicoeMarilyn Hill Smith
LisaSandra Dugdale
OlgaGlenys Groves
GretchenLynda Richardson
BerthaPeta Bartlett
ElsaJoyce Jarvis
MarthaJoyce Jarvis

Ambrosian Singers
The BBC Concert Orchestra
Conductor: Barry Wordsworth

Recorded in 1989
Originally Broadcast on 17 December 1989

This recording is part of a complete series broadcast by the BBC in 1989. It has never been released commercially but is included here for its historical importance. See the historical tour for further discussion.