The Fulham Light Operatic Society Contrabandista (1972)

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Fulham Light Operatic Society

This recording was made at a performance by the Fulham Light Operatic Society, in a production that also included Trial By Jury and The Zoo. The recording evidently was intended to be issued on the Rare Recorded Editions label (which issued the Fulham Zoo), but that issue never happened, leading to the S.A.S.S.'s issue of it many years later. I am taking the date to be the same as that Zoo recording.

According to Ian Bond, "The recording, like the production itself, was adequate but not spectacular, and not a tape I would choose to listen to on a regular basis. What is needed is a good CD version."

That "good CD version" now exists.

Issue History
1987? Sir Arthur Sullivan Society Cassette [no number]