The Prince Consort Chieftain (1980s)

Count VasquezAlan Borthwick
Peter Adolphus GriggDavid Craig
Ferdinand de RoxasScott Cooper
SanchoSimon Boothroyd
JoseRichard Bourjo
Pedro GomezIan Lawson
NancyJennifer Brandon
Inez de RoxasNorma Kinnear
DollyJane Borthwick
MaraquitaHazel Devlin
JuanitaHazel Devlin
RitaMary Timmons

The Gilbert and Sullivan Society
of Edinburgh

The Consort Orchestra
Conductor: David Lyle

Sounds on CD VGS 204
Sounds on CD VGS 204

This recording was made during dress rehearsals and performances of a production by the Edinburgh G&S Society in the 1980s. For a variety of reasons, a planned commercial release never came to pass, until its issue in 1999 on Chris Webster's Sounds on CD label, coupled with a studio recording of The Contrabandista that was made at about the same time.

Most of the reviews that I have received of the CD make reference to both operas, so I have put these on a separate page.

Issue History
1999 Sounds on CD CD VGS 204 Also includes The Contrabandista